A general trading company providing industrial materials for diverse factories, stores and worksites



Hoken Glove Division

This division supplies various work gloves centered on our own brand, the "HOKEN GLOVE" and "PROWORK" series, as well as a wide range of safety gear, such as masks.

Responding to the diverse needs of our customers, we always provide products that customers can use with peace of mind.

Hawking Glove Division

Sales sectors

Home centers; workshops; convenience stores; factories in industries such as automotive, precision machinery and food processing; worksites such as engineering, construction, agriculture, fisheries, forestries and logistics; public agencies such as local and prefectural government

Food Service Materials Division

This division supplies kitchen materials including industrial detergents, cellophane, foil and gelling agents based on gelatin and agar. This division also provides sanitary products such as gloves and masks for hospitals and other facilities. The sanitary products (PROWORK products) are produced at partner factories in Malaysia, China and Vietnam, and they meet the diverse needs of our customers.


Sales sectors

Food wholesalers for businesses, confectionery ingredient wholesalers, packaging material wholesales, welfare facilities, food manufacturers, hotels, wholesalers for restaurants, restaurant chain stores

Chemical Products Division

This division supplies a wide range of industrial materials, with finger stalls, adhesive tape and adhesives as core products.

Goods are provided to suit diverse situations, from materials used at engineering and construction sites, to materials used in clean rooms and factories for electronic components or optical parts.
Using our own affiliated factories and partner manufacturers, we manufacture and sell goods that meet the needs of customers.


Sales sectors

Construction/engineering, furniture/woodworking, paper processing, building materials, automobiles, printing, packaging, optical, metalworking, electric/electronic/precision industries (semiconductor/liquid crystal/magnetic head/relay/camera/control devices)

Metal and Chemical Products Division

This division supplies a wide range of construction materials used at sites such as construction sites and roadworks. The diverse line-up includes road materials such as guard fences, as well as primary and secondary steel products, industrial chemicals, antifreeze, dustproof materials, adhesive tape, abrasives and table salt.

Also, barrel finishing stones (dry type, wet type) and work gloves are provided as products for factories.

We also offer consulting regarding construction materials. Please feel free to contact us.

Metal and Chemical Products Division

Sales sectors

Public agencies, manufacturing factories, companies in various sectors, integrated construction businesses, design consultants

Business Materials Division

This division provides a rich variety of products, such as materials for kitchens; materials such as cleaning tools and equipment for nursing homes, hospitals and schools; materials related to amenities for hotels and Japanese-style inns; housing related materials (construction materials, housing equipment); and health food.

Business Materials Division


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